Body BracesBraces are of vital importance in the injury recovery journey. A brace helps stabilize and restrict the range of motion in the affected area. So, chances of further injury are lowered while recovery chances increase. It aims at slowly and safely incorporating motion and increasing strength.

Proper joint support and alignment is improved through regular use of a brace. We can help you choose the right kind of brace for whatever is causing you pain or discomfort. The appropriate results are achieved when braces are combined with additional treatments such as Massage Therapy, Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, & Naturopathy.

Osteoarthritis is the most common use for braces. Orthopaedic bracing will lessen your discomfort be relieving some of the stress and pressure being applied to the affected joints. Since the body shape differs from person to person, using a custom and properly fitted brace is incredibly important. Therefore, we recommend our patients to use a custom brace that provides them the right comfort.

Benefits of a Custom Brace

To embrace the lifestyle you want to be living, you should be physically fit. Many of our clients come to us experiencing joint pain, especially at the knees, that makes walking, exercising and balancing difficult.

Perfectly aligned custom brace allows you to move with increased comfort and confidence! Braces can help relieve pain that is making physical activity, proper posture, and day to day activities difficult and painful. Allow us to show you how a brace can improve your day to day life!


People with joint problems – particularly in the knee – often experience pain, imbalance and discomfort while walking or performing daily activities. Bracing can significantly help improve joint stability and thus help you lead a comfortable daily life.