Physiotherapy East GwillimburyAt Green Lane Physiotherapy & Wellness, physiotherapists treat your muscles, bones and joints through delicate motions, stretches and gentle massage. If you suffer from movement or joint pain, physiotherapy should be the first and foremost approach. Our physiotherapists treat chronic back pain, posture related pains, arthritis or workplace related injuries.

Physiotherapy can dramatically improve your everyday life! The best results of physiotherapy can be experienced when undertaken through a personalized treatment plan that is built to cater to your health needs.

Our team delivers customized treatment that integrates both contemporary and the traditional evidence-based techniques. Our professionals start by comprehensively assessing, and diagnosing your present health condition. We craft an effective treatment plan that aims at improving your joint mobility, muscle strength, endurance, balance and posture.

On Your First Visit

When you first enter our premises, you will be received by our welcoming staff. Once registered, you will undergo a comprehensive orthopaedic and neurological assessment that determines your current condition. We will take a record of your complete health history, and carry out any necessary physiotherapy tests so that we can formulate the best custom treatment plan for you.

Are you experiencing back pain, bursitis, discomfort as a result of your posture, arthritis, or a workplace or sport injury? Physiotherapy will dramatically improve your everyday life!