Custom-Wrist-BraceWrist Braces are rigid or soft medical devices that wrap around the wrist to prevent and/or treat injuries. A wrist brace may be used to support, protect, compress or immobilize the wrist joint, bones and ligaments during injury rehabilitation, and to ease pain and stiffness from chronic conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis and tendinitis. They provide compression and stabilization to weak or injured wrists. These professional grade splits are used to treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, sprains, strains, and after cast removal.

At Green Lane Physiotherapy & Wellness, we have a wide collection of custom wrist braces based on the individual needs of patients and sports players. Wrist braces promote healing by increasing circulation around the tender joint, and improve joint mobility to allow for faster return to daily activities. They also provide a therapeutic warmth to reduce the pain and swelling.

The Right Wrist Comfort & Support

We have a wide selection of custom wrist and thumb brace ranging from mild to moderate support for weak, unstable or injured wrists. They prevent sprains and strains during sports where there is high impact on the wrists. Most thumb supports also provide wrist support.

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