Tips to Stay Healthy in Winter

Tips to Stay Healthy in WinterIf you are a sportsperson, then you must be full in training and competition. Running and workouts in the open also makes you susceptible and vulnerable to cold and flu symptoms. They have a higher risk of being victim to issues compared to people who are just interested in the outside outdoor workout. As you throw in the windy, cold, and low temperatures, it creates the perfect recipe for falling sick. However, if you are the one who wants to avoid ...
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6 Risk Factors to know about Tendinopathy

6 Risk Factors to know about TendinopathyTendino[pathy is a vast subject for study- we are not aware about so many things in the aspects of multifactorial etymology. The risk factors are different from the extrinsic factors. And, so are the ones acting from the outside of the body and the inside of the body.

Load: Stretch-shorten cycle loads

Repetitive stretch shortening cycles in the muscle tendons like walking and running. The tendons can only be ...
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Why does your muscle feel tight?

Why does your muscle feel tight? So, how many of you have wondered why the muscles suddenly feel tight? They become so restless that relaxing seems out of the option. So, what can one really do about it? Here are some of the thoughts on muscle tightness. Firstly, remember that tightness is a feeling and not just a medical condition. And, when one says that their muscles feel a little tighter, then perhaps they are pointing to some other complaints too. Before understan ...
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What to Consider Before Choosing a Physiotherapist?

What to Consider Before Choosing a Physiotherapist? A physiotherapist is just another health professional ruled by the strict and code of standards but in a different area of expertise. And, you can need a physiotherapist anytime in case of some injuries. Choosing the right Physiotherapist is significant. ON the other hand, if you select professionals poorly, you shall suffer poor treatment, delayed outcomes, higher costs, and an intense stres ...
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